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Carpenters Mate

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Carpenters Mate® is the UK’s original self-drilling screw supplier. You can purchase a selection of their screws - suitable for external fencing, decking and landscaping projects - right here on the Fencing Essentials website:

  • Pro Hex Head Screws
  • Exterior Wood Screws

Here are some reasons why we love Carpenters Mate (and why you should too!)...

  • Their self-drilling screws are rated by the trade and tested to be the strongest.
  • Tough, reliable and five-star customer-rated.
  • Precision-engineered and self-drilling, proven to perform and persevere – even in the harshest of outdoor environments.
  • No need for pre-drilling – and the correct drive tool is included free with every pack.
  • Offers quicker, cleaner and more accurate carpentry and construction.

"A structure is only as safe - and long-lasting - as its connections. Carpenters Mate screws are the only screws we recommend for durable, strong construction you can stake your reputation on."

Need advice on Carpenters Mate products? Get in touch and we'll give you a hand.

Alternatively, you could pop down to our showroom in Amesbury, Wiltshire. We're within striking distance of Salisbury, Andover, Devizes, Marlborough, Swindon and surrounding areas, so if you'd like to have a look at Carpenters Mate products in person, please do give us a call beforehand so we can confirm that we have what you're after in stock.

Well, what are you waiting for? Explore our selection of Carpenters Mate products below!