Why choose concrete posts ?

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Why choose concrete posts ?

Concrete fence posts are an interesting option to consider, but a lot of people would ask why to opt for them instead of the traditional wooden post. This blog is going to outline the benefits of using concrete H slotted fence posts in comparison to timber fence posts.

They have the obvious benefit of being considerably stronger and more durable than wooden posts. The strength and durability are extremely significant as the weather can change into a storm at the drop of a hat, and we have seen countless wooden posts break under pressure. However, that is not to say that wooden fence posts won’t last but they will be more susceptible to the elements. It does means that if your fence is exposed to potentially strong winds then choosing concrete H slotted posts might be the best course of action. Furthermore, unlike timber posts, concrete fence posts aren’t susceptible to rot which reinforces the chance of them lasting longer than traditional wooden posts.

Another thing to consider is the shape of concrete posts. The posts are H slotted, which means that once the posts are securely in place you can slide the fence panels in between them and the job will be done. In comparison, wooden posts require extra fixings to attach the panels. The shape also makes it considerably easier to change fence panels in the future if they were broken or wanted to change styles.  One thing that is obvious but is worth considering is that concrete fence posts are considerably heavier which makes installation slightly harder although it doesn’t make it impossible to do it on your own.

As an extra piece of information, 8ft Concrete fence posts are the perfect size for 6ft wooden panels. They allow you to put 2ft into the ground and securely hold the panels in place when slotted between them.

The combination look of concrete and wood isn’t for everyone as it sacrifices the natural aesthetic of solely wood. The H slotted posts are by no means ugly and it even compliments wood, so it is a perfect combination of style and function if you are willing to mix textures. The durability will also mean that concrete posts remain looking their best for longer than wood. Concrete also requires less maintenance and therefore you must consider the higher residual costs and effort which wood will incur in the lifetime of a timber post.

To conclude, concrete posts are great and will offer you strength, longevity, and simple installation. However, they're not everyone’s cup of tea and their weight makes them hard to manoeuvre. That being said, we would strongly recommend using them to construct your fence and they can be paired with concrete gravel boards to complete a strong fence.

We hope this blog post was helpful and that you have all the information you might need to decide on concrete posts. If you have further questions or need any more advice, such as about installing a concrete post, don’t hesitate to get in touch at info@fencingessentials.co.uk or call us on 01980 669900.