Statement Pieces

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Statement Pieces

Summer is the perfect time of year to show off your garden, whether it is having friends around for a party or even just an after-work BBQ, a statement piece is the perfect way to get people talking. The term statement piece leads you to think of a huge sculpture in the garden but that isn’t necessarily the case, in this blog post we are going to go through some of the items which can help transform your garden. Whatever your style and budget, we have the statement piece to match.

The first style of product which we have to talk about is the obelisk trellis. These are the cheaper options to transform your outdoor space, but they are brilliant pieces which can be easily moved around the garden to complement areas depending on the time of the year. An obelisk is slightly more lightweight than some other options which leave it liable to damage in the case of storms however if you are proactive, you would be able to move it into a sheltered area or even inside. Another amazing way in which an obelisk trellis can be used is by planting inside an obelisk. This will allow the plant to grow naturally around the structure of the trellis which not only looks amazing but helps the plant to grow tall by supporting it.

We offer either the Snowdon Obelisk Trellis or the Scafell Obelisk Trellis. The Snowdon is the most popular, boasting a height of 2 metres it is by far bigger and more striking option. The Scafell is a smaller option which can be placed in almost any location, the smaller size of the Scafell lends it to be used in twos or threes around an outdoor area.

The second feature we want to talk about is a garden arch. We think that the best way to utilise an arch is to have it placed over a pathway, this creates a huge feeling of grandeur without breaking the bank by undertaking a large construction project. Whilst the design of our arches is largely similar, there are differences in the composition which allows you to choose the right arch for your style. The main bonus of an arch compared to arbours or pergolas is that they pack a big punch in terms of style without taking up as much room. The side panels of an arch are also often composed of trellis, such as the Valencia Arch from Grange, which means that they look great from every angle.

Having an arbour in your garden is a brilliant way to utilise the space, it creates stunning sheltered seating. Some arbours even come with storage which makes it the perfect addition to a busy garden. The Valencia Corner Arbour might just be our favourite! This wonderfully designed arbour is perfect for placing in the corner of your garden to create an incredibly stylish all-in-one seating area with shelter, it does come at a premium price but the results of having an arbour are just as premium. Like the garden arches, a number of the arbours include trellis panels to create a visually brilliant addition to an outdoor area.

We view pergolas as the upgrade on an arch and to be frank, the most premium option which you can opt for in a statement piece for your garden. Whether it is isolated in a corner of your garden or you place a table underneath it and create a wonderful outdoor seating area, a pergola is a timeless and perfect addition to any garden. If you were to opt for a seating area there is also the option to inject an extremely European feel by adding growing plants to climb the structure which would not only improve the stability of the plants but create a seamless natural integration into your outdoor area which could even be likened to a patio in the south of France. An impressive option which we offer is the carousel pergola which would be perfect for a patio or small coffee table, the extremely open sides won’t make it feel like you're closed off from the rest of your garden.

To summarise, there is a statement piece to match your budget and area. The range in sizes and cost ensures that you don’t have to miss out. That makes it hard to say which is definitively the best statement piece however, we would lean towards a pergola if your budget and space allows it. They are stunning pieces which can be seamlessly worked into outdoor areas, able to be combined with seating and climbing plants. That being said, whatever you choose will be sure to make your neighbours jealous and help to complete a stylish garden aesthetic.