New gates for Hudson's Field in Salisbury Wiltshire

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New gates for Hudson's Field in Salisbury Wiltshire

Fencing Essentials have supplied and installed new field gates at the main entrance of Hudson's Field, off Castle Road in Salisbury.

The gate installation comprised of one pair of new field gates, together with matching pedestrian gate, three new wooden gate posts and gate furniture.

Old gates were removed after one was damaged by a vehicle, the replacement gates were manufactured in Iroko, a durable hardwood, ideal for the entrance to one of Salisbury's most prominent and well known recreational grounds.  New posts were also supplied and installed, several benefits of replacing posts at the same time as installing new gates:

  • Helps ensure that the posts are securely and correctly installed and able to take the weight of the new gates.
  • Sometimes old gate posts are not 'true', they may have been knocked or moved in the past.  It is important that gate posts are square and vertically true if the new gates are to hang perfectly.
  • New gates - deserve new posts - simple as that. 

 Fencing Essentials supply a wide range of gates, in all sizes, manufactured from steel, hard wood, soft wood, and plastic.  Browse our website and see what's available.  Speak to our team, we are always pleased to offer advice and guidance on the range and the best options for your garden, paddock or recreation ground.