Gates 101

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Gates 101

We have spoken at length in our blog posts about fence panels, finials, fencing materials and much more. However, there is one aspect which we have discussed and that is gates. In a lot of cases, a gate is the first thing you see when visiting a house, it has to make a statement. This blog post is going to talk about different avenues you can take when choosing a gate, the different types of gates and everything that you would need to hang your new gate.

Firstly, you have to dive into the different styles of gates. The driveway gate is a statement piece, sometimes called a courtyard gate, this is a perfect way to add security and style to your property. The solid gates are robust and come in a range of styles to ensure that you can find the right gate to suit you.

The majority of the courtyard gates are not only available in a range of standard sizes but can be made to measure, so you can have the gate which perfectly fits your needs. The customisation doesn’t stop there though, you are able to choose whether your gate is made from softwood or iroko hardwood. Then there are four different options of which stile top to go for: rounded, sculptured, pointed and weathered. The customisation process is very straightforward on the form which every customisable gate has but if you need any more advice then we are more than happy to help. The quality of these gates is excellent and along with the customisation means that you would not be disappointed. However, with the high standard of the gate comes a high price but the cost is well worth what you’re getting.

These large wooden gates can be quite heavy but fear not, the majority of the solid wooden gates which we offer are available with electronic automation makes it easy to come and go as you please. Another style of courtyard gate which you can consider is the farm or field gate. These are either 5 bar or 6 bar gates, they are lighter than solid infill gates and admittedly don’t offer as much security or privacy. These gates are more suited to rural properties with a large opening at the front of a house but that does not mean that they don’t suit other properties.

The other key type of gate to consider is the garden gate, it can also be known as a pedestrian gate. There are different styles of garden gates to consider. Firstly, you can have the 3ft or 4ft garden gate which is perfectly suited to the front garden of a house. A small wooden gate at the front of a property can allow you to create a brilliant country aesthetic and help transform a low wall or picket fence at the front of a house. One style which you can opt for is a picket or palisade gate which would work seamlessly with a picket fence to create a brilliant front to any house. A great example of this is the tulip palisade gate, the pales have a brilliant top to them which is hard to say no to. Secondly, there is the option of having a 6ft gate pedestrian gate. These gates are amazing, they are available in a wide range of styles. They are available with flat or arched tops and can even be bought with a trellis top. The added height of these gates offers increased privacy which lends itself to being a back garden or side gate.

To summarise, we really can’t speak highly enough of the addition of a gate to a property. If it suits your property, then a large driveway gate can be the ultimate statement piece which adds grandeur and wows people as they arrive. The cost is an issue for some people however if you can afford it then we would fully suggest it is something you should add to your house. A smaller, waist-high gate is also a brilliant option for creating an inviting and stunning front to your home.

We hope that you enjoyed our blog post on gates and it has answered any questions you may have had. If you have further questions or need any more advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch at or call us on 01980 669900.