More than just a fence panel, an introduction to fencing.

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More than just a fence panel, an introduction to fencing.

A fence at its very simplest can just be panels to make a boundary and give you some privacy in your garden. However, it has the potential to be so much more. A fence can help transform a garden, which I'm sure many realised through the pandemic. People sat in their gardens through the lockdowns and realised that their fence wasn’t fulfilling its potential. They realised that no matter how well you maintain your garden with neat lawns or colourful plants bordering your outside areas, if you have a weathered and ugly fence it will ruin all your hard work.

The importance of a good quality fence cannot be understated but not everyone’s garden needs the same fence. Therefore, having your choice in every aspect is vital as you can ensure you get the right fence to suit your garden and style. Obviously, there is the choice of metal, plastic or wooden fencing, but the options don’t stop there. The fence will begin with the panels and posts, but the creative questions keep coming. Would you like caps on your posts? Would you like finials on top of those caps? Would you like a trellis topper for your panel? The questions could go on and on many more. Whether choosing the style and colour of your post cap or any other addition, the creative potential of a fence is limitless. This enables you to put your own personal touches which will allow you to wow your visitors and make your neighbour jealous of your brand-new fence.

The quality of the materials is the next thing which you must be mindful of. When it comes to timber fencing, we cannot emphasise enough how important it is to get good quality timber. The money which you may save getting cheaper fencing will only cause you more hassle and money after it needs replacing after a short time. We use Charltons, Grange and other suppliers whose products are made from high-quality timber which means that it offers a good lifespan and is resistant to the everchanging elements which the UK has.

Once you have your dream fence the work is not necessarily done. If you choose a wooden fence, the maintenance of the fence is essential to keep it looking its best. There are oils, paints and other timber treatments which will help your fence be more resistant to the elements and increase its lifespan. Although, it should be noted that if you opt for a metal or plastic fence then there is much less maintenance required.

At fencing essentials, we want you to get the best fence to suit you and maximise the potential of your garden. So come and browse our range of fencing products today!