All about plastic fences, the panels, caps and finials

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All about plastic fences, the panels, caps and finials

Modern fencing has far more options than just your traditional lap fence panel, one of which is the rise in popularity of plastic fencing. This blog post is going to tell you all about the world of plastic fencing, the positives and negatives.

The panels are unlike their wooden counterparts, they come in sections 6ft wide and either 6 or 12 inches high. This means that you have to buy 6 sections for every 6ft x 6ft area which you have. This is where the biggest drawback of plastic fencing comes in, the price. Plastic fence panels come at a much higher cost than wooden ones and that, unfortunately, does put some people off.  The panels which we have on offer are all made from environmentally friendly, lead-free and durable window-grade uPVC which makes them extremely secure and environmentally friendly.

If you have been on our website, you may have seen it mentioned that they are weatherproof and they won’t rust, rot, chip or crack. This is a huge positive for plastic fencing over wood. Furthermore, the maintenance costs for plastic fencing are almost non-existent compared to wood as they don’t have to be sanded, painted or stained. This means that the higher cost you initially pay with plastic fencing is justifiable when you think of the money you’ll save throughout the lifespan of the fence. The fact that the plastic won't split, crack or splinter makes it extremely child-friendly as there is less risk of injury which is another huge positive for plastic fence panels.

Another huge advantage is the ease of installation. The boards themselves are considerably lighter, only around 10% of the weight of concrete gravel boards. The lightness of the boards and their smaller size means that they can be easily slotted into place in between existing h-slotted posts. Installation can also be easily done by just one person which is much more difficult with wooden fencing.

One of the greatest benefits of plastic fencing is the colour that it is able to bring to your garden. The fence panels offer the greatest benefit this way, they are available in more colours than wooden panels but it doesn’t stop there. Plastic fence panels can also be bought in different textures rather than just plain plastic. We offer the panels in woodgrain which offers a natural style, composite which is where the panels have a stunning matte finish and we also supply classic plastic panels. To add a finishing touch to these panels, we also supply matching posts and post caps to complete your perfect plastic fence.

If plastic fence panels aren’t your thing but you still want the colour which plastic brings then don’t fear, there is a solution. The addition of post caps and finials will serve as a great alternative! Post caps and finials are amazing, they come in black, brown, green, white, grey and harvest gold. The range of colours means that you can find the perfect fit for your garden fence. Furthermore, the caps come in sizes which suit 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm and 100mm x 75mm posts. Then the final choice you have is whether to opt for a ball finial or an acorn finial.

To summarise, the option of plastic fence panels is a brilliant one. The benefits of choosing plastic are clear, the purchase, installation, maintenance and the lifetime of the fence making it worth the investment. However, the cost of the fence is really a drawback and might be a big enough one to put people off buying it.

 We hope that you enjoyed our blog post on plastic fencing and it has answered any questions you may have had about plastic fence panels, post caps or finials. If you have further questions or need any more advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch at or call us on 01980 669900.