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SPAX Screws - Wood Screws

SPAX Screws from Fencing EssentialsSPAX Screws - Decking Screws and Wood Screws.

High quality German manufactured SPAX screws and fittings are available from UK stockists and suppliers Fencing Essentials.  SPAX manufacture a wide range of screws for applications such as decking, fencing, wood, universal use construction and frame fixing.

The SPAX screw looks unusual, the combination of the 4CUT point, Multihead and the patented ground serrations gives you a top-notch SPAX. It not only stretches the material out it divides the fibres while the thread with the optimised ground serrations drive the screw on.  This prevents the material from splitting.

The patented MULTIhead has moulding and stopping qualities at the same time.  The ridges mould into the wooden surface, trimming off the drilled hole.  The head can be driven home flush with the wood surface quickly and easily.

SPAX will give trouble free fastening in all varieties of working materials - from hard and soft wood to plastics to thin metal and extruded profiles.

SPAX Screws  - Made in GermanySPAX products have building authority approval.

Fencing Essentials are stockists of  the SPAX screw range including Stainless Steel Screws, Decking Screws, Universal Screws, Fencing Screws and Timber Construction Screws.  These German made screws are the professional's choice, high quality, incredible performance, and universal application.

Choose SPAX screws for your project, order now.

                Fencing Essentials, FREE UK delivery on all SPAX Products

Stockists Fencing Essentials have a showroom in Amesbury Wiltshire, ideal for customers from Andover, Hampshire, Devizes, Marlborough, Salisbury and Swindon to visit and view our range of SPAX screws and fixings. 

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