868 Welded Mesh Fencing

868 Weld Mesh Fencing is a robust low maintenance, long life fencing option and an excellent choice for uses where strength and protection are required. In common with the 656 Weld Mesh it is aesthetically pleasing in appearance, the popular twin wire weld mesh fencing system is available in a range of colours.


Black 656 Weld Mesh Fence Panels


868 Weld Mesh Fencing incorporates a twin wire configuration of 8mm horizontal wires and 6mm single vertical wire, commonly known as Duo mesh, double wire or twin wire, producing a stronger and heavier alternative to the 656 Mesh system.  868 panels are available in a range of sizes all of which are easily erected and secured into place using either individual clips or colour matching bars.

As with other mesh security fencing the 868 Weld Mesh Fencing works well in locations where CCTV requires an element of visibility through fencing for effectiveness.

Consider 868 Weld Mesh Fencing for school fencing, sports areas, security fencing, business parks, car parks and industrial buildings.

Contact Commercial Fencing Manager, Mark Edwards, 01980 622185 now for all 868 Weld Mesh Fencing enquiries.  Whether supply only or a full 868 Welded Mesh fence installation, suppliers and installers Fencing Essentials can help, providing a FREE quotation service and offering professional advice on your mesh security fencing project.

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