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Concrete and Wooden including UC4 Longlast Timber

Fencing Essentials supply and stock a range of concrete and wooden gravel boards, in various sizes and lengths to suit the requirements of most domestic and commercial fencing projects.  

All wooden gravel boards stocked by Fencing Essentials are pressure treated to UC4 Longlast standard.

Wooden and concrete gravel boards are an important and integral part of any fencing project, performing the following functions:

Firstly, gravel boards ensure that the fence itself, whether fence panel, garden trellis or featheredge ( closeboard ) fencing, does not come into contact with the ground and the inevitable moisture.  It is important to try and keep the main body of the fence as dry as possible for as long as possible.  Gravel boards can help extend the life of the fence itself, keeping it looking good for longer.  

Additionally, the gravel boards provide some flexibility in allowing for natural undulations in the ground and holding back soil where there is a small difference in height either side of the fence.  Fencing Essentials recommend that where timber gravel boards are used to retain soil or decorative aggregates that wooden pegs are used to provide extra strength at 1.50m intervals.

Furthermore, timber and concrete gravel boards give a little extra height to the fence and are just as important as good capping in adding a finishing touch to a professionally erected run of fencing. 

Therefore Fencing Essentials would always recommend that gravel boards are included in a new fencing project whether wooden or concrete is really dependent upon personal choice and the type of fencing project being completed.

Please explore below the range of gravel boards stocked by Fencing Essentials, if you need some advice or guidance on the right choice of gravel board for your project then please email sales@fencingessentials.co.ukor call 01980 669900 and speak to a member of our sales team.


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