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DLF Trifolium Masterline PM85 DOT Official Mix Road Verge

DLF Trifolium Masterline PM85 DOT Official Mix Road Verge
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PM85 DOT Road Verge Official Mix Grass Seed part of the Masterline Range by DLF Trifolium

DLF Trifolium Masterline Pro Master 85 DOT grass seed is the official mix for road verges, a specially formulated blend of cultivars that perform well in the challenging environment alongside motorways and busy highways. 

Often the soil conditions on road verges is not the best quality, neither is it rich in nutrients, there is also usually a need for grass seed to germinate efficiently and for the resulting sward to establish quickly.  The blend of cultivars also offers a degree of tolerance to salt and exhaust emissions, winter maintenance activities inevitably result in salt residue finding its way onto verges as a result of traffic spray. The 4Turf perennial ryegrass cultivar provides quick establishment, improved drought tolerance and improved stability as a result of it's deeper rooted growth habit. 

PM85 DOT Grass Seed Verge Mix also offers good resilience to Red Thread, and a degree of shade tolerance also.

Recommended sowing rates are 10 - 20 grammes per square metre for new works, and 10 grammes per square metre when over seeding.

Mowing height 75mm - 100mm, with cuts once or twice a year or as necessary.


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