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Arris Rails

Arris Rails
Arris Rails
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Arris Rails for use in the construction of featheredge (close board) fencing where a strong and secure fence is required. Arris Rails used in conjunction with v-notched posts reduce the amount of space the fence takes up.

The diagonal cut of the rail encourages rainwater to run off and away from the fence, and also provides an element of added security as it is harder to climb than a fence constructed using a square edged rail.

Fencing Essentials also supply Scarfed Arris Rails to be used in conjunction with morticed fence posts, where they are slotted into place rather than screwed to the post itself.  Fencing Essentials do not always keep Scarfed Arris Rails in stock, if these are required then please telephone our sales team on 01980 622185 to discuss your requirements.

Often broken Arris Rails can be repaired rather than being replaced, which can involve a significant amount of work, using a pre-sharped Arris Rail Repair Bracket the damaged rail can be re-secured to a post using nothing more than screws.  If you think that your damaged Arris Rail can be repaired take a look at the repair brackets, please click here. 

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Arris Rail - 3.0m x Ex 75mm x 75mm
3.0m x Ex 75mm x 75mm
Green tint from pressure treatment
Scarfed Arris Rail - 3.0m x Ex 75mm x 75mm
3.0m x Ex 75mm x 75mm
Green tint from pressure treatment
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