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Fence Panels

Fence panels are amazing, they can offer protection, privacy and security. They also can be a visually important part of a garden. This blog post is going to go through the different types of fence panels and quickly note the benefits and drawbacks of each of them. All of the wooden panels are treated as they're the first line of defence against the elements.

Lap fence panels – This panel is the most commonly seen, on the whole, these panels are generally the cheapest and therefore aren’t the most stylish. However, they are still great panels and are simple yet effective. The panel is made from horizontal laps which are secured in place with a rebated frame and vertical battens.

Decorative fence panels – These panels are generally more expensive than conventional panels. Furthermore, these panels often have gaps in their design which means they potentially lack the privacy of conventional panels. However, these panels are far more visually appealing and are primarily used when privacy isn’t an issue.

Contemporary fence panels – These are the ultimate panels; they combine modern style with traditional functionality. The panels tend to be made up of horizontal boards. That stunning combination does come at a cost, and these tend to be the most expensive panels on offer. If you have a big budget and can afford these impressive panels, then we strongly recommend getting them.

Fence panels with trellis – These panels are brilliant because they offer the security and privacy of a conventional panel, but they also offer a greater visual appeal. The privacy height of the panels will be reduced as you can see through the trellis, so that is something to consider when choosing.

Plastic fence panels – The main benefit of these is that they offer a range of colours. Furthermore, they won’t rot, crack, rust or corrode which makes them extremely child friendly. Plastic panels are made up of sections which are either 6 inches or 12 inches high, so you need a few to create a full panel. Another benefit of these panels is that the sections of the panels can work as a gravel board.

Feather edge panels – These panels are made of vertical feather edge boards which are great at creating privacy in your garden as well as offering protection from the elements. These panels are classic and functional, they might not be as visually striking as the contemporary panels but they are still a great panel.

Palisade / Picket fence panels – This style of panel is ideally suited to front gardens and sectioning off within a garden because they do not offer great privacy because they have spaces between the pales and are usually only 3ft or 4ft high. However, what they lack in privacy they make up for in timeless style and visually they are almost unmatched. These panels are perfect for houses located in the countryside and offer a picturesque aesthetic.

All of these panels have their strengths and drawbacks, so it is impossible to definitively say that one is the best. The best panel is the one which fits your needs, budget and garden the best. However, if money is no issue then the contemporary fence panel is the option that we would choose!

This blog post is just a brief overview of some of the panels which we offer, if you want to know anything else about fence panels then don’t hesitate to get in touch at info@fencingessentials.co.uk or call us on 01980 669900.