GROUNDTEX Installation Guide

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GROUNDTEX Installation Guide

Groundtex is ideal for groundwork, pathways and patios. It is a great multi-purpose geo fabric that can be used for ground stabilisation as well as weed suppression. Groundtex has a high level of tear resistance and is extremely strong which means it can be used for groundwork and civil engineering.

Below we have made an installation guide for Groundtex as a ground stabilisation membrane and another for when Groundtex is used as a heavy-duty weed control membrane.

Heavy-duty weed control membrane installation guide

  1. In the area where the fabric is going to be laid, trim all existing vegetation to ground level using a strimmer.
  2. Ensure that there is nothing sharp which could pierce or tear the fabric in the area.
  3. If there are any areas that have a high level of weed growth then apply a weedkiller.
  4. Lay out the GROUNDTEX fabric and make sure that any joints are overlapped by at least 100mm
  5. The next step is to secure the fabric using fixing pegs, the best way is by ‘trenching’ or ‘splitting’ the GROUNDTEX 100-150mm into the soil.
  6. Cover the fabric with a layer of bark or other mulch by a minimum of 50mm. The final step is to add a layer of cover over the GROUNDTEX which is at least 50mm, bark or decorative stone is a great option here.
  7. Now all that is left to do is sit back and enjoy the results!!

Ground stabilisation installation guide

  1. Excavate soil (sub-grade) to the required depth, making sure to allow sufficient space for the sub-base, base course layer and the surface finish. Remember that the depths of each layer will vary depending on the intended use.
  2. Lay GROUNDTEX out and where there are joints, make sure that there are overlaps of at least 300mm. (overlaps should be kept to a minimum)
  3. Secure the GROUNDTEX using fixing pegs.
  4. Place a sub-base layer over the GROUNDTEX and then compact it using a roller or compacting plate.
  5. After you have completely installed the sub-base layer, lay the surface finish.

We stock a number of sizes GROUNDTEX geotextile fabric to ensure that you have the right amount for the job at hand whether it is domestic or commercial. If you need any more advice on GROUNDTEX then don't hesitate to get in touch at or call us on 01980 669900