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  • High quality screws from SPAX - for DiY and Fencing
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  • Dream of trellis and lattice work
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  • Zedlock Gate Locks for Five Bar and Field Gates
    Zedlock Gate Locks for Five Bar Gates
    With security a major consideration for all property owners including those in rural locationsthe gate locks and accessories from Zedlock are worth considering.

Zedlock Gate Locks Help Reduce Rural Crime


Zedlock Gate Locks for Metal and Wooden Gates - Help Reduce Rural Crime

Despite assumptions that crime doesn't happen in peaceful rural places the reality is that it does and seemingly it is on the increase.  Not many of us would leave our homes without locking the front door, but it seems the same caution is not always applied to the rest of our property with many driveway gates, farms, access gates to yards, paddocks, small holdings and fields left unlocked.  In rural areas, often isolated, this can leave valuable plant and equipment, pets and livestock vulnerable to theft and property susceptible to trespass generally.  Zedlock Wooden Gate Lock

Statistics collected by the National Farmers Union (NFU) show that in 2014 the top ten list of property stolen under the classification of 'rural crime' were: Tools, ATVs/Quad Bikes, Oil/Diesel, Machinery, Livestock, Garden Equipment, Trailers, Equestrian Transport and Equipment, Bicycles and finally Personal Effects/Tractors.

Just consider this list again and think about the items stolen, no rural crime is not something that is just focused on farms and farmers, home owners, small holders, and small businesses are just as likely to be victims.  Many of the items in the top ten are possessions we all have in our gardens, garages and sheds, a very good reason why most of us should give more thought to security beyond the home and not limit our efforts to locking the front door.

Zedlock Metal Gate Lock

Locking gates that provide access to our property is a very good starting point, whether these be field gates, paddock gates or the driveway gates to our homes.  Traditionally where gates have been locked this has been by using a length of chain secured with a padlock, whilst better than nothing, this system is not without issues.  Firstly, the chain can easily be removed using bolt croppers, padlocks are likely to freeze during cold weather, it can be time consuming locking and unlocking gates in this way, particularly at night.

A welcome alternative is the Zedlock Gate Lock, a unique patented long throw gate lock and an ideal replacement for a padlock and chain on any large gate.  Zedlock is much more effective against intruders as it cannot be 'cropped' by bolt cutters.  The lock is very straightforward to use, saving you time and effort every time you open your gate.

  • Choice of three-lever deadlock, or a Union five-lever deadlock mechanism
  • Can be fitted to metal or wooden gates
  • Keyed-alike option
  • 4mm heavy duty steel case 
  • Solid 20mm diameter sliding bolt in steel or Stainless Steel with 70mm throw
  • Straightforward to fit: self-adhesive template and comprehensive instructions included 
  • Replaceable lock mechanism
  • New Zedlocks can be matched to existing Zedlock keys (model specific)
  • Remains operational in freezing conditions

Zedlock Metal Field Gate LockFencing Essentials have recently become Zedlock stockists, every year we sell high numbers of field gates, five bar gates and driveway gates to our customers including farmers, these gates are used across driveways, in paddocks and small holdings.  Apart from a wide range of field gate and standard gate ironmongery we offered little to our customers by way of gate security options, we felt that the Zedlock filled this gap.  The Zedlock product range has received great reviews and feedback over recent years, we were confident on the back of this that these locking systems were right for our customers.  Below are a small number of links to articles that might be of interest if you are considering gate security and are interested in the Zedlock Gate Lock.

Jeannie's Equestrian World - Zedlock Helps Prevent Break In

Farmers Weekly - Zedlock Provides An Alternative to the Padlock

Country Small Holding - Stay Secure

Zedlock High Security Gate Locks

As always if you need advice on what Zedlock product to use in your gate security project then telephone our knowledgeable team on 01980 669900.  Alternatively, the Fencing Essentials showroom near Salisbury, Wiltshire, ideally located for customers in the Andover, Devizes, Marlborough, Salisbury, Swindon areas who wish to visit and discuss their requirement and view the product range. Please note that not all products displayed on the website are on view, so if there is something specific you wish to see it is worth checking before travelling. 












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