• Garden arbours and seating features by Grange
    Stylish Garden Arbours
    Fencing Essentials stock an exciting range of stylish garden arbours. Each providing somewhere to sit in comfort when the weather is sunny but breezy.
  • Stunning Iroko Hardwood Gates from Fencing Essentials
    Classic Five Bar Style
    A stunning range of five bar gates in both softwood and hardwood, enhance your property. Practical and timeless these gates speak for themselves.
  • Zedlock Gate Locks for Five Bar and Field Gates
    Zedlock Gate Locks for Five Bar Gates
    With security a major consideration for all property owners including those in rural locationsthe gate locks and accessories from Zedlock are worth considering.
  • Steel Palisade Security Fencing
    Steel Palisade Security Fencing
    Steel Palisade Fencing deters intruders and provides an additional line of security to your commercial property.
  • Inspirational Arches
    Inspirational Arches
    Garden archways offer a simple yet effect means of creating a beautiful division between two sections of garden.
  • Landscape Timber - Railway Sleepers New and Reclaimed make an ideal choice.
    Railway Sleepers
    New and reclaimed railway sleepers are an ideal choice for landscape projects in the garden, especially raised beds and retaining walls.
  • High quality screws from SPAX - for DiY and Fencing
    SPAX Stockist
    Wide range of high quality screws and fixings from German manufacturer SPAX. Range includes stainless steel screws and frame fixings.
  • Dream of trellis and lattice work
    Beautiful Trellis
    Decorative and stylish trellis with fine lattice work in interesting shapes and sizes. Design and build privacy screens, add interest to plain walls and fences.
  • Decorative Garden Fencing Panels
    Decorative Panels
    Add style to your garden by introducing decorative panels, whether as replacement for existing fencing, or as privacy screening.
  • Field Gate Ironmongery
    Field Gate Ironmongery
    Wide range of quality Field Gare Ironmongery in stock, ideal for domestic, commercial, agriculatural and equestrian use.

Garden Trellis - transform a garden and add interest


Time to make more of Garden Trellis.  

Very often garden trellis is given the job of supporting climbers against a wall, or as a means of hiding the compost heap or old garden shed, the versatility of trellis is rarely acknowledged much beyond these uses.  This is such a pity as trellis can be a cost effective alternative to walls and fences, a screen to create an intimate atmosphere or dining space, or the framework to a gazebo or pergola which adds colour, interest and elegance to the garden.  Leading fencing manufacturers such as Grange Fencing and Forest have, in recent years, designed and manufactured increasingly stylish trellis such as the Alderley, the Urban, or Contemporary ranges, not to mention that huge range of 'Continental' products that are available in the UK today.  All of these new products offer a considerable step change in terms of style and functionality over the traditional diamond lattice or squared trellis seen in many a cottage garden of yesterday.  Also the range of wood colouring and treatments has grown and developed meaning that trellis can be customised or personalised enabling gardeners to create a unique look in their gardens.

A browse through the pages of the Fencing Essentials website and through other sites it quickly becomes apparent that the choice of garden trellis is more extensive than may first appear from a visit to the local garden centre.  Usually at garden centres one will see samples of expanding trellis on display, a useful lightweight support for climbing plants, and a small range of traditional square and diamond lattice trellis.  On line suppliers can offer a wider range of wooden trellis and portray it being used in different scenarios to fire up the imagination.  Modern rigid timber trellis is substantial and can easily be fixed to an existing fence or wall, yet is strong enough to be used as a free standing screen or feature in its own right.  Trellis can be used to change ones perspective, making the garden appear larger or longer than it really is. commonly this is achieved using a pergola, garden trellis and feature such as a mirror, statute or water feature to draw the eye further on.  One useful tip, if using a mirror try and angle it slightly so viewers don't see their own reflections.

Modern wooden garden trellis is constructed from pressure treated timber to prevent against rot and decay and so the need for regular treatment with preservative is to an extent a thing of the past, although there is no doubt that periodic treatment will prolong the life of the trellis and keep it looking fresh.  However, aside from the preserving aspect, there is a considerable attraction to put an individual stamp on the garden by using decorative coloured wood stain.  With a wide range of colours now available why not be bold and complement the colour of the plant which is to be trained up the trellis, maybe yellow, blue, or purple, really bold colours.  However if you want to create a feature that makes the garden seem longer don't go for bold, choose soft colours instead.

Garden Trellis, such as the Alderley, is sometimes used to increase the height of an existing wall or fence, enhance Garden Trellis Lilleshall Lattice Topping Fenceprivacy and create space for climbing plants without making the garden feel too closed in.  It is sensible to check before adding trellis in this way that the work will not contravene any planning restrictions and also that the fence or wall doesn't actually belong to the neighbour.  


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